sábado, 25 de agosto de 2012

Montaña Rusa , tratamiento para el asma?

Los síntomas del asma pueden ser tratados con una montaña rusa. En 2010, Simon Rietveld, de la Universidad de Amsterdam, e Ilja van Beest, de la Universidad de Tilburg, hicieron el descubrimiento de que los síntomas del asma pueden ser tratados con una montaña rusa. Los participantes fueron 25 mujeres con un diagnóstico médico de asma grave, y 15 controles emparejados.

Rollercoaster asthma: when positive emotional stress interferes with dyspnea perception.
Rietveld S, van Beest I.

Department of Psychology, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The current study assessed how negative and positive stress is related to dyspnea perception. The participants were 25 young women with a medical diagnosis of severe asthma, and 15 matched controls. Stress was induced during repeated rollercoaster rides. Results showed that negative emotional stress and blood pressure peaked just before, and positive emotional stress and heart beat peaked immediately after rollercoaster rides. Dyspnea in women with asthma was higher just before than immediately after rollercoaster rides, even in women with asthma with a rollercoaster-evoked reduction in lung function. These results suggest that stressed and highly aroused individuals with chronic asthma tend to perceive dyspnea in terms of acquired, familiar associations between dyspnea and positive versus negative feeling states, favoring either underperception or overperception of dyspnea, depending on the emotional valence of a situation. 


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